Criminal Immigration Defense

If you are facing criminal charges or deportation from the United States, you need an attorney who’s willing to fight for the best result in your case. One of the most stressful and frightening experiences a non-citizen and his or her family faces is the prospect of forced deportation from the United States. With Furness Law, you and your loved ones will have comfort in knowing that we are always “fighting” for the best result in your criminal or immigration case.

Here at Furness Law we are not afraid to take on difficult immigration cases. We have developed creative and successful case strategies for some of the more difficult immigration cases. We also have successfully represented individuals facing state and federal criminal charges.

Not only are we ready to aggressively fight for the best result in your case, but we also pride ourselves in offering affordable legal services. We also offer monthly payment plans.

There is a substantial overlap between Criminal Law and Immigration Law. This complex legal area of criminal immigration demands aggressive legal strategy in order to protect one’s immigration status in the United States. Criminal convictions may trigger deportation proceedings and subject an immigrant to immigration custody/detention and in some instances mandatory detention making the detained immigrant ineligible for bond. For example, most controlled substance related convictions would automatically disqualify a detained immigrant from being released on bond. Most of these individuals are forced to fight their immigration case from inside an Immigration Detention Center.

There are also criminal convictions, such as drug related convictions, or crimes against moral turpitude that could disqualify a detained immigrant from certain forms of immigration relief that would stop deportation. Individuals with certain criminal convictions can also be denied entry into the United States. These individuals are required to obtain a waiver before they are allowed entry into the U.S.

Below are services we provide for Criminal Immigration related cases:

  • Criminal-Related Waivers for certain Travel Visas to the United States
  • Green Card Petitions with Certain Criminal Convictions
  • Consultation regarding a Deportable Criminal Conviction
  • Post-Conviction (Within the State of Washington or possible Pro hac vice in other states outside of Washington)
  • Post-Conviction consultation
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